Meet the Team!

Paul Faure
Paul FaurePrincipal
I am a neuroethologist. My research interests are in animal bioacoustics (echolocation calls and other vocalizations ), neural mechanisms of hearing (electrophysiology) and acoustically-evoked behaviour (e.g. acoustic startle response), and integrative physiology (i.e. hormones and reproduction, cutaneous wound healing).
    Doreen Moeckel
    Doreen MoeckelPost Doctoral
    I joined the McMaster Bat Lab to study mechanisms of hearing using extracellular (single-unit) recording from the inferior colliculus, and the development of hearing sensitivity in bat pups using auditory brainstem response (ABR) and otoacoustic emission (OAE) recordings, and histology.
    Arinjay Banerjee
    Arinjay BanerjeePost Doctoral
    I came to McMaster to work in Karen Mossman’s Virology Lab (Pathology & Molecular Medicine) and Paul Faure’s lab (PNB) to study emerging viruses (e.g. the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) and the immune responses generated in viral hosts. I am especially interested in bats and other wildlife reservoirs of emerging viruses using a One Health approach (
    Lucas Greville
    Lucas GrevillePhD
    My undergraduate research examined estradiol transfer between big brown bat (Eptesicus fuscus) conspecifics, and I have continued to explore and expand on this work in my doctoral studies. The unique reproductive cycle of temperate insectivorous bats combined with their early and distinct evolution makes them a prime organism to study reproductive endocrinology.
    Taylor Byron
    Taylor ByronMSc
    My undergraduate research focused on neural activity during a visual discrimination task. For my MSc research I am analyzing blood to examine changes in the plasma ketone ß-hydroxybutyrate following after different flight durations in big brown bats.
    Thomas Groulx
    Thomas GroulxMSc
    My undergraduate research focused on interpreting call-discriminations of black-capped chickadees using a neural network framework. My graduate research focuses on developmental changes in auditory brainstem response (ABR) waveforms recorded from big brown bat pups as they mature.
    Emily Wuerch
    Emily WuerchUndergraduate
    I am a 4th year BSc senior in Honours Biology and Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour. I am really excited to be able to work in the Bat Lab, and I’m especially interested in learning more about neuroscience and the physiology of hearing in bats! My Honours Thesis examines the expression of two immediate early genes (Egr1 and c-fos) in the central auditory system of the big brown bat.


    Students from the Bat Lab go on to graduate school, professional school, and successful careers.

    Rob Valdizon, PhD
    Rob Valdizon, PhDData Scientist, Toronto Dominion Bank
    Audrey Tam, BSc
    Audrey Tam, BScVolunteer / Veterinary School Applicant
    Grace Huang, BSc
    Grace Huang, BScStudent, University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine
    Alejandra Ceballos-Vasquez, MSc & DVM
    Alejandra Ceballos-Vasquez, MSc & DVMEmergency Veterinarian
    James Morrison, MSc & MBA
    James Morrison, MSc & MBAManager - Behavioural Science, PwC
    Heather Mayberry, MSc & PhD
    Heather Mayberry, MSc & PhDPostdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto
    Riziq Sayegh, PhD
    Riziq Sayegh, PhDSenior Software Developer, Spira
    Brandon Aubie, PhD
    Brandon Aubie, PhDEntrepreneur & CEO, QReserve
    Julianna Charles, BSc, Master's Health Informatics
    Julianna Charles, BSc, Master's Health InformaticsProject Coordinator, Unity Health Toronto
    Dominika Kovaleva, BSc
    Dominika Kovaleva, BScStudent, University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry
    Zeeshan Haqqee, MSc
    Zeeshan Haqqee, MScPhD Student, McGill University